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the new inspiration is CONNECTION 


Darryl believes that the new inspiration is CONNECTION.

As an Eric Thomas & Associates Certified Speaker, he leverages transparency and relatability to connect with and inspire his audience to rise above their adversities and challenges. Coach D masterfully communicates his reason why he cares in a real, relatable, and refreshing way.

As an ICF Certified Life Coach under Shaan Ra'is, Coach D effectively builds rapport and trust with his clients.

Whether in a group setting or a 1-on-1 basis, the aim for each client remains the same:

~ Clear Self-Identity

~ Positive Mental Health

~ Enhanced Self-Confidence

leaders who possess the solutions needed


Darryl is convinced that the world is not short of solutions but rather leaders who possess the solutions needed.

As a U.S. Marine Wartime Veteran, Darryl brings an element of leadership that allows his students, their teachers, and parents to navigate through the most difficult challenges.

In his workshops and classes, there are 3 objectives:

~ Develop intrinsic motivation

~ Develop resourcefulness

~ Develop a mission-oriented mindset

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