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Darryl W. Thomas

While Darryl's favorite L-word is Leadership, he has been fueled by LOVE for the majority of his life.

Whether happily loving his wife, Alexia, through a long stint of health concerns... OR fathering the Thomas 5 (Amiya, Darryl III, Derrick, Darrius and Aliveyah) through hardships, LOVE has been the driving force.

Joining the US Marine Corps and doing two combat tours to Kuwait (2003) and Iraq (2004) was no different as he served out of LOVE for his family and country.

Today... Darryl (affectionately known as Coach D)

serves and fights for his community and the next generation of leaders.

Whether by way of his published work, (books, SEL Leadership Curriculum), keynote messages, community outreach or his mere example, Darryl strives to light as many candles as possible - starting with LOVE and ending with LEGACY.

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle

- James Keller



Darryl is committed to leading and loving his wife and their 5 amazing children. In his words, "His family is his heartbeat!"

He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Alexia, for more than 22 years. They have five amazing children: a U.S. Marine, a TCU scholar, and three high school student-athletes.

Darryl enjoys and adores his family. Whether they are traveling, watching movies or playing sports, each time is time well spent.

By far, his greatest accomplishment is the Thomas Tribe (his family) and the legacy they are building.

his mission

Darryl's primary goal is to help ignite the leader within.

Inside of every leader lies the solution to the problem.


darryl's philanthropic work


Darryl has founded a 501(c)(3) organization, The Size Of a Man, Inc., dedicated to the mission of breaking the cycles of fatherlessness and poverty in the lives of the at-risk youth.

Through the years his organization has impacted hundreds of young people in various ways (i.e. Annual Men's Conferences to Leadership Camps to Scholarship).


Darryl has taken Young Kings through a 12-Week Leadership Development Program each year (Young Kings Leadership Experience).  That experience is capped off with a road trip across the country to explore greater possibilities and to participate in enrichment activities that are not normally provided for them.

From Texas to Louisiana to Atlanta, GA to Colorado Springs. 

Darryl believes that change is inevitable with intentionality

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